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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be blacklisted by a bank?

Defining “blacklist” and the process of becoming blacklisted. In the world of finance, a “blacklist” is a list of individuals and groups who defaulted their debts after a series of nonpayment. When a person’s name enters the “blacklist,” it becomes harder for that person to apply for financial services from banks.

What credit card companies are blacklisted?

Comenity/CCB is also known to blacklist, primarily for any bankcard products. NFCU, BoA, ELAN (USB subsidiary), Commerce, USAA (depending on certain circumstances) and a plethora of CU's.

Do you still get blacklisted if you paid off the card?

How does blacklisting work do you still get blacklisted if you paid off the card. Depends on the lender. Some, even if you satisfied the debt years down the road, will still keep you on their blacklist. Others may offer an opportunity for "forgiveness" or a second chance.

What is the mastermastercard match list and how does it affect you?

Mastercard has since become more stringent with their policies: today, merchants can only be MATCHed by an acquirer for specific reasons. The most common cause of a merchant landing on the MATCH List is excessive chargebacks. Merchants who regularly exceed the acceptable chargeback thresholds will most likely see their business MATCHed.

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