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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for a black card?

Black Card Requirements. The Black card is considered the credit card for the elite. Individuals that have high net worth, high monthly income, and have a pattern of spending in the six figure range a month may be eligible to receive a Black card.

What are the qualifications for a visa black card?

As with any credit card, applicants must meet certain credit history requirements to qualify for a Visa Black Card. Personal finance consultant Dave Manuel suggested in 2015 that a credit score of at least 700 is necessary to be eligible for a Black Card.

What is the limit on a black card?

The Centurion Card (the official name for the "Black Card") is a charge card rather than a credit card. There is therefore no credit limit, since all charges have to be paid in full monthly. The Centurion Card also has no spending limit, meaning that a cardholder could theoretically charge any amount.

How to get a "black card"?

Approval Requirements Excellent FICO Score (720+) Naturally, the Luxury Card™ Mastercard® Black Card™ requires an excellent credit score, usually 720 or higher on the FICO index. ... Big Spending (and Paying) on Your Cards While the card doesn't require some of the spending thresholds as other cards ( like the AMEX Black Card ), you can ... High Income Necessary

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