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Frequently Asked Questions

What banks offer Mastercard?

As a network, Mastercard doesn’t issue cards directly – rather, it partners with massive banks such as Bank of America, as well as your local bank or credit union, which provide cards that carry the Mastercard logo.

What are the benefits of a MasterCard?

MasterCard offers three tiers of benefits: base, World and World Elite. The base package offers perks similar to Visa’s. These include auto rental collision coverage, fraud liability protection, emergency travel assistance, card replacement and extended warranties. MasterCard offers one notable service that Visa does not: price protection.

How do I redeem my Mastercard rewards?

To redeem your Cash Rewards: Log in to your PayPal account. Click PayPal Mastercard and you will be transferred to the Synchrony Bank servicing site. Click Rewards & Offers. Enter the amount of cash back you'd like to redeem to your PayPal balance.

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