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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the 533 million Facebook data breach?

The news of the latest breach, of 533 million people’s data, dropped over a holiday weekend; Facebook responded only by saying it was “old data” and the problem had been “found and fixed in August 2019” – an absurd statement given that the data had only just been dumped on the internet, and clearly that hadn’t been fixed at all.

Is Facebook's massive data breach like Cambridge Analytica?

This week saw reports of a massive new Facebook breach and everything about it, from Facebook’s denials of the words “data” and “breach” to its repeated refusal to answer journalists’ questions, has been uncannily reminiscent of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Is Facebook protected after the 2019 Breach?

Facebook settledwith the FTC for a record $5 billion dollars for violating user privacy in July 2019. That means depending on when Facebook cut hackers off from the vulnerability used in the 2019 breach, Facebook could be protected from further action.

How many people have been affected by the Facebook data leak?

The personal information of hundreds of millions of Facebook users across the globe has been leaked online.

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