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What is the population of Massachusetts?

As of 2014, Massachusetts was estimated to be the third-most densely populated U.S. state, with 839.4 people per square mile, behind New Jersey and Rhode Island. In 2014, Massachusetts had 1,011,811 foreign-born residents or 15% of the population.

What was the black population of New York in 1780?

Slave, Free Black, and White Population, ... Estimated Population 1780 Estimated Population 1780 Estimated Population 1780 State Population Black Pct. Black White North New York 210,701 21,054 10.0 189,647 41 more rows ...

What was the population of the United States in 1790?

The 1790 number is the official count in the first national census undertaken by the federal government under provisions of the Constitution of 1787. The original report on the 1790 census listed the country’s population as 3,929,326, but math errors showed 114 more people in Vermont than...

What came before the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780?

As discussed in the section of this website entitled John Adams and the Massachusetts Constitution, the Constitution of 1780 was preceded by a constitution drafted by the legislature and rejected by the voters in 1778.

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