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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Massachusetts tax power of attorney form (m-2848)?

Massachusetts Tax Power of Attorney Form (M-2848), otherwise known as the Department of Revenue Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative, should be filled out then submitted to the proper Tax office when you wish to appoint a tax professional to make tax filings or obtain tax information from the Department of Revenue on your behalf.

How long does it take to attach POA to Massachusetts tax return?

Allow 2 business days for the POA to be attached to the taxpayer’s account. Note that a Form M-2848 submitted through MassTaxConnect or by fax can be attached to an account only if the taxpayer has previously registered with DOR through MassTaxConnect or has filed a tax return in Massachusetts.

Can a power of attorney show up on masstaxconnect?

Power of Attorney, Form M-2848 With a Form M-2848, a taxpayer can show the terms of the POA’s representation and can name one or more representatives. Please note that Form M-2848 does not allow access to a taxpayer’s accounts on MassTaxConnect. See below regarding Third Party Authorization through MassTaxConnect.

Can Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) verify tax returns?

To protect the confidentiality of tax records, Massachusetts law generally allows DOR to disclose tax return information only to taxpayers or their authorized representatives. Without authorization from the taxpayer, DOR can only verify whether tax returns were filed with a "Yes" or "No" answer. No line item or address information can be provided.

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