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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the mashvisor heat map?

The Mashvisor heat map can be used to find investment properties in an area, and to acquire information about these properties such as the listing price, the cash on cash return, the rental income, and the Airbnb occupancy rate.

What is heatmap analysis?

Heatmap analysis is a concept applied by Mashvisor which uses its heat map tool in order to help real estate investors find the best investment properties nationwide and analyze them based on different criteria.

What is a real estate heat map and how does it work?

This tool is known as a real estate heat map. What Is a Real Estate Heat Map? A real estate heat map is a real estate investment analysis tool that uses visual cues in addition to numerical data to distinguish different locations based on performance.

What is an Airbnb heat map analysis and how does it work?

Another aspect of the heat map analysis that is extremely useful for rental property investors is the Airbnb occupancy rate factor. This feature allows real estate investors to get information related to the occupancy rate of rental properties in a specific area based on information collected from actual Airbnb rental properties in that area.

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