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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the MASH movie different from the TV series?

Mash the movie, is a completely different animal than the TV series which it preceded. Altman's Mash uses rapid-fire overlapping dialogue, that demands one pay attention. He gave his actors latitude for improvisation and ad libbing that veered from the script written by Ring Lardner, thus producing more naturalistic performances.

How well does the movie MASH (1961) withstand the test of time?

The movie was made almost 50 years ago, and withstands the test of time, if one understands the backgrounds of the Korean War depicted and the Vietnam War during which Mash was filmed.

Is M*A*S*H the most in-your-face film ever?

No matter what your point of view, M*A*S*H is certainly an in-your-face film. The irony of the film is that for the time it was considered gruesomely bloody. Yet there are no battlefield scenes; all the blood is in the surgical unit. The CSI TV series shows more carnage than M*A*S*H, but M*A*S*H was filmed over 30 years ago.

Is mash a Laugh-Out-Loud show?

I remember the MASH sitcom as a laugh-out-loud show and this movie didn't deliver even a snicker. 2 people found this helpful HelpfulReport abuse See all reviews

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