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Frequently Asked Questions

Does North Carolina have Obamacare?

Obamacare North Carolina. The state of North Carolina currently does not have a state run health exchange where you can get quotes direct. Instead the federal health exchange will direct you to a number of approved insurance brokers / exchanges. These are privately owned and or publicly held for profit companies that you will be directed to.

What is the cheapest health insurance you can get?

With individual health insurance premiums averaging about $393 per month in the United States in 2017, many people may be left wondering if affordable health insurance plans exist. Currently, the cheapest health insurance you can get is Medicaid, because it provides free or low-cost coverage...

What is North Carolina Health Choice?

North Carolina Health Choice (NCHC) is North Carolina’s health insurance program. It is funded with federal and state monies. This program can end or be frozen when funds are depleted. NCHC is a health insurance program for children under age 19 whose family’s income is so low that they cannot afford health care.

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