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Frequently Asked Questions

What are marine resources in the ocean?

There are many things in the ocean; both abiotic and biotic that has utilities to human being are called marine resources. It is autotrophs, floating micro plants. For example, Algae and diatoms. These are floating micro animals. Benthos lives in the benthos zone of the ocean that means on the ocean floor mainly on the continental shelf.

What are the different disciplines of Oceanography?

Just as there are many specialties within the medical field, there are many disciplines within oceanography. Biological oceanographers and marine biologists study plants and animals in the marine environment.

What are the top sources of employment for oceanographers?

Natural resource companies in the petroleum or gas industry are likely to provide a reliable source of employment for geoscientists, including oceanographers. Research and governmental institutes who work to provide environmental protection and water management will also contribute to the rise in demand for oceanographers.

What is biological oceanography?

In a time when the ocean is threatened by climate change and pollution, coastlines are eroding, and entire species of marine life are at risk of extinction, the role of oceanographers may be more important now than it has ever been. Indeed, one of the most critical branches of oceanography today is known as biological oceanography.

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