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Frequently Asked Questions

What colour do Marathi brides wear as their wedding saree?

Along with yellow, another traditional colour that Marathi brides wear as their wedding saree is deep green. It’s associated with deep rooted traditions and that’s why a Marathi bride always wears a green chudda on the wedding day. This bride opted for this deep green keeping in mind the traditional colours.

Why choose a Maharashtrian traditional saree for your wedding?

There are sarees for every Maharashtrian function you have for your wedding. The benefit of a Maharashtrian traditional saree is that it comes in a number of silks and even other clothes, so with it being of such opulence, it can also suit your preference in many ways.

Why do women wear nauvari sarees in Marathi weddings?

It is said that during the Maratha rule, women were entrusted to help their fellow male warriors. To facilitate easy movement, Maharashtrian women introduced the nauvari sarees which resembled a male trouser. In Marathi weddings, brides usually wear nauvari sarees as wedding sarees when the rituals take place.

What does a Maharashtrian bride wear at a wedding?

A Maharashtrian bride wears the most colourful silk sarees with exquisite gold borders. The saree is usually draped in a typical Marathi Dhoti style. Some of the most popular colours combinations are yellow, orange, purple and green. Generally, two kinds of sarees are worn in a Marathi Wedding- six yards Paithani or nine yards Navari.

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