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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Garmin Mapsource?

MapSource is the program used by the vast majority of Garmin GPS hardware devices to update their map databases. Download the latest MapSource update free. If you're the owner of a Garmin GPS hardware device, you should already know MapSource, the...

What's new in Mapsource?

Fixed waypoint category filter issue. Now only waypoints of the selected category will be displayed. Fixed waypoint prefixes. Fixed an issue where MapSource would crash with certain address searches. Fixed memory leaks in the waypoint dialog and map rendering. Fixed an issue with saving gpx files when the file path contains Asian characters.

What does 'no map' mean in Mapsource?

Added logic to handle situations that arise when the user switches to an installed map product whose required code page is not supported by the user's operating system. If this situation occurs, MapSource will notify the user of the problem, and switch them to 'No Map'.

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