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Frequently Asked Questions

What is on the map of Paris?

The map of Paris includes all information about the city, including directions on how to visit the famous Paris attractions and museums. For visitors who would prefer to take the Paris metro, there's also a Paris metro map with attractions, which makes taking the metro train easier and more convenient.

Do you need a Paris City Sightseeing map?

Regardless of the type of traveller that you are, having a copy of the Paris city sightseeing maps will be very helpful for you. The best thing about our Paris tourist map pdf is that you can use it for free! This should save you some money in having to purchase an actual map that you can use for your trip.

How many self-guided walks are in Paris?

If you are here to discover the main landmarks of the French Revolution, we've set up a specially-themed walk for that very purpose. In all, we have prepared 18 self-guided walks for you to explore Paris, which cover everything from charming neighborhoods to important religious sites, nightlife venues and shopping.

Should I download the Paris interactive map?

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world and that is for a good reason. If you're visiting this beautiful city for the first time, you should get yourself a printable tourist map Paris. But if you prefer to access the map on your device, then you should download the Paris interactive map.

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