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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the mapper interface in JPetStore?

They will be all under org.myd.formulary You should probably check out how jpetstore code structure looks like. Mapper interface is meant to map sql statements defined in your xml config, then you could simply inject or autowire automagicaly created mapper beans into DAO beans. lets say (assume that mapper interface is MyMapper):

What is beanfactorypostprocessor in mapper?

BeanDefinitionRegistryPostProcessor that searches recursively starting from a base package for interfaces and registers them as MapperFactoryBean. Note that only interfaces with at least one method will be registered; concrete classes will be ignored. This class was a {code BeanFactoryPostProcessor} until 1.0.1 version.

Is it possible to deploy a mapper from data source 1?

The code deploys fine, but only mappers from data source 1 works. When I try to use a mapper from data source 2, I get a "No table found" exception from my database.

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