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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use @mapperscan?

Using @MapperScan also ensures that every provided mapper is automatically registered as a Bean and can be later used with the @Autowired annotation. We can now create a simple ArticleMapper interface:

What is the default scope of scanned mappers?

Default is false . Specifies the default scope of scanned mappers. Default is "" (equiv to singleton).

How do I filter the mappers created by MyBatis:scan/>?

<mybatis:scan/> supports filtering the mappers created by either specifying a marker interface or an annotation. The annotation property specifies an annotation to search for. The marker-interface attribute specifies a parent interface to search for. If both properties are specified, mappers are added for interfaces that match either criteria.

Is it possible to deploy a mapper from data source 1?

The code deploys fine, but only mappers from data source 1 works. When I try to use a mapper from data source 2, I get a "No table found" exception from my database.

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