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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be mannered?

Definition of mannered. 1 : having manners of a specified kind well-mannered. 2a : having or displaying a particular manner. b : having an artificial or stilted character passages … so mannered as to be unintelligible— R. G. G. Price.

What is the meaning of mild manners?

1. Having manners of a specific kind: ill-mannered children. 2. a. Having or showing a certain manner: a mild-mannered supervisor. b. Artificial or affected: mannered speech. 3. Of, relating to, or exhibiting mannerisms.

Who is the mild-mannered Brock?

The mild- mannered Brock emphasized civility and respectfulness and exemplified a partisan yet moderate political approach that was a far cry from the more confrontational politics that emerged during the 1980s. The mild- mannered Missourian had never been elected president.

What is an example of mannered writing?

‘inane dialogue and mannered acting’ More example sentences ‘The result is a mannered, literary prose rooted firmly in the Gothic and decadent traditions.’ ‘He had few later commissions of importance, and as his style became increasingly mannered even fewer were accepted on completion.’

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