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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Daily Mail media bias right or left?

Daily Mail media bias rating is Right. The Daily Mail bias rating is Right. As of May 2017, a slight majority of AllSides users who voted on this rating agreed. Of those who disagreed, the average rating was on the cusp between a Lean Right and Right bias rating. As of right now, there is not sufficient evidence to change the Right bias rating.

What is the media bias chart?

Media Bias Chart. The AllSides Media Bias Chart offers an easy way to identify political bias in the news so you can be better equipped to navigate our polarized media landscape. The AllSides Media Bias Chart is based on our full and growing list of nearly 600 media bias ratings.

Why are there separate bias ratings for news and opinion content?

We sometimes provide separate bias ratings for a source’s news content and its opinion content. This is because some outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and the New York Times, have a notable difference in bias between their news and opinion sections.

Is media bias making America more politically polarized?

Media bias has contributed to Americans becoming more politically polarized. When we can’t identify, understand and appreciate diverse perspectives, we are more likely to be manipulated into thinking or voting a certain way. We may even begin to see the other side as evil.

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