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Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert Windows 10 mail to pst file?

The Windows 10 mail app to PST conversion process divided into two segments. Step 1: Extract emails from Windows 10 Mail app. Step 2: Convert Windows 10 Mail to PST file. In this upcoming section, we will describe both segments in detail. Windows 10 mail or Windows mail provides an option to save emails on a local machine.

How to export emails from Windows 10 Mail app to Outlook?

Most disappointing factor if you are willing to export Windows 10 mail app to Outlook PST is that there are no as such direct conversions. You need to first extract emails from Windows 10 mail client and then convert emails from Windows 10 mail app into PST file format.

Is Windows 10 mail free?

Windows mail came up as a free app with Windows 8 Mail, Windows 8.1 Mail, Windows 10 Mail, etc. Earlier Windows Mail is also available for Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc. which is formerly known as Windows Live Mail Desktop. In any case, if you want any solution how to convert Windows 10 Mail emails to Outlook PST format?

How to open Windows 10 Mail app data folder?

Navigate to the storage location of Windows 10 Mail App using the below path: The above “App Data Folder” is a hidden folder so you need to first change the view options if you are unable to see that folder. Within mail folder, you will find folders in each folder like inbox, sent, drafts.

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