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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my AOL Mail account?

Access your AOL account on a regular Internet browser as opposed to a mobile device or application. AOL mail is easy to access from the AOL home page. From your mail account, you can also change your settings and AOL mail password. Open your browser First, open your Internet web browser.

How do I Find my AOL app?

To find your favorite AOL apps, first open the Start menu and click the Windows Store icon. Enter AOL in the Search field. View or select the available AOL apps. Click Install from the App page. Once the app is installed,click Open to view that app on your desktop.

Is there an AOL app for Windows 10?

Pinning an AOL app to your Windows 10 Start menu is a simple task, follow the steps below. Open the Windows Start menu and click All apps. Locate the AOL app in the list. Right-click on the app name. Click Pin to Start to add this app to your Start menu.

How do you delete email from AOL?

How to Delete AOL Email Account Go to, and sign into your AOL account. Click Manage My Subscriptions at the top of the window. Click the Cancel option under your account. Select the reason you are cancelling, then click the Cancel AOL button.

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