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Frequently Asked Questions

Who invented Magnavox?

The predecessor to Magnavox was founded in 1911 by Edwin Pridham and Peter L. Jensen, co-inventors of the moving-coil loudspeaker at their lab in Napa, California under United States Patent number 1,105,924 for telephone receivers.

What kind of defense products does Magnavox make?

Among the defense products Magnavox manufactured were the AN/ARC-164 UHF radio, AN/SSQ-53 series sonobuoys, AN/ALQ-128 EW equipment, AN/SSQ-62 series sonobuoys, and the Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System ( AFATDS ). The brand also has worked with Funai with their televisions after the Philips Magnavox name was popular.

Where are Magnavox radios made?

Pridham stayed on with Magnavox, which moved manufacturing to Fort Wayne by the 1940s. The term "Commercial Wireless" had a different meaning in the early days of radio and telephone. Magnavox manufactured radios, TVs, and phonographs.

What kind of Radio is in a Magnavox spirit of 1976?

In 1974, Magnavox introduced the “Spirit of ‘76” line for the Bicentennial. Among the unique units was the Spice Chest. Opening the front panel revealed an AM/FM radio and 8-track stereo player.

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