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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sewing machine for children?

The Janome 2206 is an excellent place for a child to start their sewing journey. Janome builds sturdy, high quality machines that last. The 2206 comes with 6 built-in stitches, a four step buttonhole, stitch width selection, snap-on presser feet and a thread-cutter.

What are the 7 Simple Machines?

The seven simple machines are the inclined plane, wedge, screw, lever, pulley, gear and wheel and axis. The simple machines are non-powered mechanical devices that change the direction or magnitude of a force. Each of these machines is considered to be a simple machine.

Are treadmills good for kids?

Kids should not use treadmills. It may be possible to ensure their safety while they're under your direct supervision, but when you're not around they might imitate your behavior and operate the treadmill, resulting in serious injuries or even death. As much as possible, keep your children away from exercise equipment.

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