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Frequently Asked Questions

What skills are needed to be a machine operator?

One of the most commonly required skills of many machine operator jobs is the ability to properly read measuring devices. Rulers, micrometers and dial indicators are tools that are used on many jobs. Failure to accurately read a proper measurement device could potentially result in hundreds of incorrect parts.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a machine operator?

A machine operator is responsible for performing certain functions or producing goods with a particular piece of equipment. Aside from using a machine for its intended purpose, the duties of a machine operator may include cleaning and maintenance.

What is machine operator required skills?

15 Machine Operator Skills and Qualities to be Best on the Job Repair Skills. A machine operator should occasionally perform routine maintenance on equipment, and carefully determine what type of maintenance is needed and when. ... Attention to Detail. The work of a machine operator is a delicate one that requires adequate attention. ... Communication Skills. ... Integrity. ... Machine Limits and Capabilities Skills. ... More items...

What does a machine operator do?

Machine operators, also knows as machinists or tool and die makers, work with heavy machinery from setup to operation. Machine operators might work with computer-controlled equipment or more mechanically based machines to make sure they are set up properly, working well, and producing quality product.

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