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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the machinery industry?

Presentation of machinery industry on a fair in Dresden, 1982. The machine industry or machinery industry is a subsector of the industry, that produces and maintains machines for consumers, the industry, and most other companies in the economy. This machine industry traditionally belongs to the heavy industry.

When did the term'machinery industry'originate?

The term "machinery industry" came into existence later in the 19th century. One of the first times this branch of industry was recognized as such, and was investigated, was in a production statistics of 1907 created by the British Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Which region is the largest market for industrial machinery manufacturing?

Geographically, North America – also the home of majority top 10 largest machinery manufacturers in the world – is the largest region in the industrial machinery manufacturing market, accounting for around 33% market share around the world. Asia Pacific region was the second largest region accounting for around 29% market share.

What is industrial machinery Digest?

Industrial Machinery Digest (IMD) is the Industry’s Most Extensive Industrial Publication since 1986. IMD is a monthly Industrial Machinery metalworking & fabricating publication that serves the owners and managers of today's diversified Job Shops, Machine Shops, Contract Manufacturer and production line manufacturing.

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