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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Measure M?

Measure M includes provisions establishing an independent oversight process including a Taxpayer Oversight Committee and annual audits. IT’S YOUR FUTURE, TOO. #METROPLAN

What is so special about the movie m?

This is a picture that for its time delivered something that had never been seen before. Beautifully directed and acted, M is a near perfect picture that broke barriers in the way films told stories.

What does the letter M on Beckert's back mean?

Moreover, the letter "M" chalked on Beckert's back by one of his pursuers not only stands for "murderer" but also alludes to God's marking of Cain.

What is measure m’s economic impact?

Measure M is expected to generate an estimated $860 million a year in 2017 dollars. Based on the latest economic forecast by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, the Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan would add 465,690 new jobs across the region.

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