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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lynx?

Online Broker LYNX ? ᐅ The broker who takes online investing seriously Are you an active investor ready to take the next step? LYNX's global trading possibilities, advanced trading platform and tools, and low fees ensure that you can focus on what is really important: your success on the market.

What makes Lynx the best trading platform?

Trading possibilities, ease of use, reliability, and speed: The platform has frequently been honored as the best trading platform in the word. In addition, LYNX has been named “Best Broker” numerous times, and our customer service has regularly been voted “Best Service” over the last several years.

Is Lynx safe to use?

LYNX is an introducing broker of Interactive Brokers (IB). In practice, this means that your deposited funds will be held by IB but fees are charged by LYNX. You can also use IB's trading platforms. LYNX is considered safe because both LYNX and Interactive Brokers are regulated by top-tier financial authorities.

What is lylynx broker?

LYNX Broker offers the possibility to trade all types of assets and several markets. This broker’s product portfolio ranges from stocks, forex, options, futures, bonds and CFDs. In cryptocurrencies it only trades Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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