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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Lynx customer service?

LYNX employees are proud to provide top notch customer service to passengers and the general public. Please dial: 407-841-2279 and follow the prompts to connect yourself to the specific department or person able to handle your inquiry. To reach Customer Service, please dial: 407-841-LYNX (5969).

How do I contact mylynx support?

MyLynx is a personalized, customizable information source, provided to the Lincoln College community anytime, anywhere. Contact MyLynx support at [email protected] or. call the Computer Help Desk at extension 7365 on-campus, or. (217) 735-7365 off-campus.

Where can I get help with Lynx questions?

Customer Service is available to assist with general LYNX questions, our routes, bus times or bus stops. For TDD Hearing Impaired, you may dial the Florida Relay number 7-1-1 for assistance with general LYNX questions, our routes, bus times or bus stops.

How do I submit an authorization request to Lynx?

Enter your message below. Please provide your LYNX Dispatch Number (s) if your inquiry is related to a specific transaction. Authorization requests must be submitted using the Website Authorization Request Form found within the Online Authorizations feature found in the login secured section of this website.

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