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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Nintendo Switch prize packs will Lunchables give away?

For the Lunchables Game Your Way Sweepstakes, which runs from August 1 through the whole month of September, Lunchables will give away 750 Nintendo Switch Prize Packs plus a grand prize, according to a press release issued by Kraft Heinz and Nintendo (via Business Wire ).

How do you enter the Lunchables game your way sweepstakes?

Fans can enter the Lunchables Game Your Way Sweepstakes by scanning a QR code on specially marked Lunchables like the one pictured above that features "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" packaging. The regular prize packs can be won instantly by finding codes inside select Lunchables.

Why is Nintendo of America partnering with Lunchables?

"With school back in session soon, Nintendo is partnering with Lunchables to bring smiles to families across the country," says Nick Chavez, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. "Nintendo is cheering kids on at lunchtime and when they're playing Nintendo Switch at home."

Is the Lunchables gaming together giveaway COPPA compliant?

Yes, the Lunchables Gaming Together Giveaway is COPPA compliant. While this promotion is designed to be fun, we at Lunchables and Kraft take COPPA and your child’s privacy very seriously. Is Lunchables collecting personally identifiable information about my child in accordance with COPPA guidelines?

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