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Frequently Asked Questions

What do people in Spain eat for lunch?

In Spain, it is customary to eat multiple meals throughout the day, with breaks for walking in between. A typical Spanish breakfast consists of strong, frothy coffee, toast with jam or cheese, and hot milk and crackers. Before lunch, Spanish people eat tapas, which are small finger foods.

What time do people eat lunch in Spain?

In Spain, the midday meal, "lunch" takes place between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm and is effectively dinner, (the main meal of the day); in contrast, supper does not usually begin until between 8:30 pm and 10:00 pm.

What are the best restaurants in Spain?

The best Spanish restaurants in Spain. Restaurante La Dorada, Madrid. Some of Spain's best fish restaurants are in Madrid and La Dorada is one of them. We highly recommend this large restaurant, ideal for big groups - they even have reserved sections called "cabins" for groups wanting a little more privacy.

What foods should I try in Spain?

12 Must Try Spanish Foods Tortilla de patatas. Many a tourist has been puzzled by the Spanish tortilla: a classic staple that bears no resemblance to the Latin American food of the same name. Paella. This is possibly the most iconic of all Spanish foods. ... Olives. ... Carrillada. ... Cochinillo. ... Fried fish. ... Rabo de toro. ... Anchovies. ... Pan tumaca. ... Salmorejo. ... More items...

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