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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about Fitzgerald Marine Reserve?

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Click here to learn more. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve information in English, Spanish and Mandarin is available on the SMC Parks website. WHAT’S THE TIDE TODAY?

What kind of shoes should I wear to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve?

Shoes with good soles are recommended. The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is north of Pillar Point Harbor in the community of Moss Beach, which is about 20 miles south of San Francisco. The Reserve is nestled along the bluffs located on an outcropping of stony beach just past the Visitor Center and park.

What is the inter-tidal reserve?

A variety of algae, crabs, sponges, seastars, mollusks, and fish make their homes in the inter-tidal; that area between low and high tide. The Reserve is set aside to protect this complex but fragile community for us and future generations. The Reserve is popular with school and community groups for its educational value.

What to see in the tidepools?

If you want to see the sea creatures in the tidepools it's best to come here at low tide hours- that way the ocean level is low enough to allow you to see all of the things that inhabit the tidepools. We came in the evening and saw hermit crabs and sea anenomes!!

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