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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new at Lordstown Motors' West Coast office?

Lordstown Motors on Jan. 14 brought the alpha version of the Endurance to the gently sloping front lawn of its new West Coast office building on a corner lot in a technology and business office park.” “We watch all of those pieces of data here because our culture and our people are very important to us,” Green said.

How much space does Lordstown motors have?

Engineering the Endurance: Work for it. 6.2 million square feet of working space in the heart of America. “Lordstown Motors Corp. said it already has begun metal stamping and welding for the Endurance All-Electric Pickup Truck prototypes, which will be used for testing.

Could Lordstown Motors be the first electric truck to finish?

“Lordstown Motors’ goals are to become the first electric truck to finish the race and to prove the capability of its unique design, which features four in-wheel hub motors that are the drivetrain's only moving parts.” “We are standing up a car company from scratch and are headed for mass production so there’s a lot that needs to be done.

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