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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game is Lords of magic?

Lords of Magic is a turn-based strategy Microsoft Windows game designed for Windows 95 /98 by Sierra On-Line. The game was intended to combine elements of Heroes of Might and Magic II and Lords of the Realm II.

What is the world like in Lords of magic?

The world is filled with wandering monsters and fixed buildings filled with monsters. Lords of Magic is notably different from other strategy games in that it has only one map, with each faith starting at a different location. This results in a somewhat repetitive nature, counteracted somewhat by a supplied map editor.

What can you do in Lords of magic special edition?

Lords of Magic: Special Edition offers immersive gameplay in the realm of magic and chaos. Buildings evolve, units gain experience, factions clash, magic flashes, and swords ring as the ultimate battle to rid Urak of evil continues unabated with the likes of Beowulf, Merlin and your imagination.

When did Lords of magic come out?

(April 2013) Lords of Magic was developed by Impressions Games for Microsoft Windows and released by Sierra Entertainment in December 1997. Legends of Urak expansion pack was released in 1998. It was included in the Special Edition of the game. The expansion revolves around various fables and stories.

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