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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pasta shaped like rice?

Orzo is actually a rice-shaped pasta that gets its name from the Italian word for barley. You’ll find this tiny pasta (also called pastina) in many pasta salads and soups. You can even substitute it for rice in recipes like stuffed peppers. Similar to fettuccine, linguine (which means “little tongues”) is a long, flat noodle.

Is rice a type of pasta?

Rice is a cereal grain. You can use flour from rice or a mix with other flours to make pasta but no, rice is not a type of pasta. No. Rice is a grain. Originally Answered: Is rice a type of pasta?

Does orzo taste like rice?

Orzo looks like rice, but it's a tiny type of pasta. It's used more for texture than for flavor as it's so neutral-tasting and chewy, enhancing salads, soups and entrees. Any savory, zesty or spicy flavor goes with orzo, so get as creative as you like.

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