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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your review of look dine-in cinemas?

Start your review of Look Dine-In Cinemas. Crush .. Staff was friendly and attentive, food was decent and reasonably priced for a dine-in theater and the atmosphere in the theater was not distracting. As others have mentioned, order all of your food before the previews start. it's better for you and for your fellow moviegoers.

What is the experience like at the look theater?

Great experience at LOOK theater. We order food from the comfort of our phones and was delivered quickly to us. The food was actually not bad at all. Kids had a great time watching Space Jam we will be returning again. We're just so glad to be able to Come to the movies again.

Why choose look dine-Inn theater?

Two amazing faces of Look Dine-Inn Theater. Theaters are clean. Tickets are affordable. You can dine in and order a drink if you like. This is the perfect theater in Redlands. I appreciate that they have very clean theaters and reasonable prices that makes going to theater more realistic when bringing your family.

How much does it cost to go to a look show?

$5 Tickets for any show, any time, every Tuesday! In accordance with CDC guidelines, masks are not required for guests who are fully vaccinated unless required by local mandates. LOOK continues to follow state and local mandates.

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