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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are peasant blouses so popular?

I think peasant blouses are popular because they’re loose and fit a lot of figures without having to do bust adjustments or other fitting. So, today I’m sharing a free pattern for my women’s peasant top. I even used this pattern to make the cropped and off the shoulder version below. Fabrics with a lot of drape work best for this style of top.

What is a peasant-style dress?

This is a whimsical design that features both a top and a dress hemline because we love a peasant-style dress too! There are also other multiple options when it comes to customization—tie, no tie, short sleeves, pockets and more that you can use to build your perfect peasant design.

How much fabric do you need for a peasant top?

Peasant tops can also be quite flattering in the right fabrics with the right accessories. So, today I'm sharing a free pattern for my women's peasant top, as well as a few caveats for wearing it. Read on. To make your top, you'll need: 2 yards of 60" wide fabric. Make it 2 1/2 yards if your fabric is 45" wide.

What is a sweet pleats blouse?

The word “sweet” is only just the beginning of how we’d describe the Sweet Pleats Blouse, it’s flowy, voluminous, and easy-to-sew. The pleats are hand-sewn cartridge pleats that are unique to the sleeve design and then finished off into a gathered cuff.

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