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Frequently Asked Questions

Should a veteran always use a VA loan?

Yes, you can use your VA loan benefits as many times as you want to. However, the second time you use the loan, there will generally be an additional 3.3% funding fee. While the loan still may be your best option, this may make the loan more expensive.

Do disabled veterans get lower rates when purchasing a home?

Disabled veterans can get some great benefits when getting a VA loan that can help with their finances when purchasing a home and in the future. VA loans have some amazing features as it is - no down payment, no private mortgage insurance and low interest rates.

What home loan benefits are veterans eligible for?

Benefits of the VA loan program include: No down payment. No mortgage insurance. Flexible credit guidelines. Lowest average fixed rate on the market.

How can a veteran with bad credit get a home loan?

As a result, bad credit VA home loans do not requires mortgage insurance, and this can greatly reduce the size of the monthly payment. Bad credit does not exclude veterans from the mortgage market - Most lenders look through up to seven years of credit history to determine the terms of the mortgage.

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