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Frequently Asked Questions

What is license metric Tool (LMT)?

It allows you for monitoring PVU consumption of IBM products under full and subcapacity licenses to ensure that you are compliant with the licensing requirements. To order and download License Metric Tool, follow the procedure provided in the presentation on the Passport Advantage website: How to order LMT.

How do I install license metric tool Lite on Linux?

To install License Metric Tool Lite on Linux, use the All-in-One installer and choose the option that deploys the License Metric Tool server and the DB2 database on a single computer (you do not need to install BigFix in this scenario). 5 The All-in-One installer contains DB2 11.5. Thus, it runs only on the following operating systems:

What operating systems does license metric tool support for server installation?

License Metric Tool version 9.2 supports installation of server components on Windows and Linux. For each operating system, you can choose the most suitable distribution of the components. Depending on the environment size, you can install the components on one, two, or three computers.

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