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Frequently Asked Questions

What does LNAPL stand for?

A light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) is a groundwater contaminant that is not soluble in water and has lower density than water, in contrast to a DNAPL which has higher density than water.

What's new in lnapl-3?

This guidance, LNAPL-3: LNAPL Site Management: LCSM Evolution, Decision Process, and Remedial Technologies, builds upon and supersedes both previous ITRC LNAPL guidance documents in an updated, web-based format.

What is LNAPL (Lane nonaqueous phase liquid)?

As defined in the MCP, LNAPL is any oil or hazardous material that is present in the environment as a separate phase liquid and which has a specific gravity equal to or less than one. This document does not address disposal sites in which LNAPL is present in non-porous media (e.g., bedrock fractures), or Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquid (DNAPL).

How do you test for LNAPL?

• Field sheen tests (i.e., shake tests, jar tests) may be used to evaluate the presence of residual LNAPL. Soil samples containing LNAPL can create a hydrocarbon sheen on the water if agitated. LIF (laser-induced fluorescence) can be used as a downhole tool to qualify the distribution of LNAPL in the subsurface.

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