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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to LNAC?

The corporation was registered in 1998 and has over 580 members. Last year it had income of $7,177,000. In April 2016 the former directors of LNAC advised the Registrar that the corporation was facing serious financial issues and requested the appointment of a special administrator to assist.

What is the new model for LNAC?

The new model recognises that LNAC is now a large, complex and diversified business with important historical and cultural objectives. The new member directors of LNAC are Pauline Baban, Jeanneen McLennan, Wayne Kurnoth and Richard Fejo.

What does LNAC do for Larrakia?

‘LNAC has been representing the interests of Larrakia people for almost 20 years as well as assisting some of Darwin’s most disadvantaged people. It is an important part of Darwin’s community and economy,’ Mr Beven said.

When was LNAC placed under special administration?

The Registrar placed LNAC under special administration on 6 June 2016 for an initial period of six months. Resolving the complex issues in a sensitive way required several extensions of the special administration.

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