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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LNA design?

LNA design is a compromise among power, noise, linearity, gain, stability, input and output matching, and dynamic range. These factors are characterized by the design specifications in the table on page 4. LNA Design Using SpectreRF

What is LNA clearread ⁸ CAD?

CT LNA ClearRead³ ⁸ CAD provides deep-learning based detection and characterization⁹ for all nodule types including solid, part-solid and ground-Glass. This algorithm is optimized for low dose CT acquisitions and designed to work on scans with or without intravenous contrast, independent of scanner vendor and acquisition protocol.

What are the 4 Tuned LNA topologies?

4 Tuned LNA topologies CB/CG (no feedback) CS/CE (L or xfmr feedback) Cascode (L or xfmr feedback) 5 Design goal Minimize the noise of the amplifier for a given signal source impedance to approach transistor minimum noise figure/factor NF MIN /F MIN Input and output matching to source and load.

How do you calculate power consumption of an LNA?

Because most LNAs are operated in Class-A mode, power consumption is easily available by multiplying the DC supply voltage by the DC operating point current. Selecting the operating point is a critical stage of LNA design which affects the power consumption, noise performance, IP3, and dynamic range.

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