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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we know about the clinical trial results of lnln?

LN is a challenging disease that can lead to dismal complications like ESKD without proper intervention and treatment. The clinical trial depicted some kind of borderline efficacy and an adequate safety profile and has set the stage for Belimumab and B cell therapies of selective targets.

What is lupus nephritis (LN)?

Lupus nephritis (LN) is one of the most substantial causes of morbidity and mortality in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). It is clinically evident in 43% of Hispanics, 50.5% of African-Americans, and 14% of Caucasians ( Almani et al, cJASN 2017; Bastian et al, Lupus 2002) and usually occurs within 6 months of the diagnosis of SLE.

What is the difference between log and ln?

The difference between log and ln is that log is defined for base 10 and ln is denoted for base e. For example, log of base 2 is represented as log 2 and log of base e, i.e. log e = ln (natural log). A natural logarithm can be referred to as the power to which the base ‘e’ that has to be raised to obtain a number called its log number.

What is the difference between LN and LN in physics?

Ln refers to a logarithm to the base e. This is also called as a common logarithm. This is also called as a natural logarithm. It is more widely used in physics when compared to ln. As logarithms are usually taken to base in physics, ln is used much lesser.

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