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Frequently Asked Questions

What does LN mean in math?

Natural Log (ln) is the amount of time needed to reach a certain level of continuous growth. ... The natural log is the inverse of e, a fancy term for opposite.

What is natural logarithm (ln)?

Natural logarithm is the logarithm to the base e of a number. Natural logarithm (ln) definition. Natural logarithm (ln) rules & properties Derivative of natural logarithm (ln) Integral of natural logarithm (ln)

What is ln (e) = 1?

The math robot says: Because they are defined to be inverse functions, clearly ln (e) = 1 The intuitive human: ln (e) is the amount of time it takes to get “e” units of growth (about 2.718). But e is the amount of growth after 1 unit of time, so ln

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