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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of LN in mathematics?

A logarithm (LN) is a concept in mathematics that denotes the number of times a number has to be multiplied by itself in order to arrive at a specified value. In mathematical terms, a logarithm of a number is the exponent that is used to raise another number, the base, in order to arrive at that number.

What is the relationship between LN and E?

ln (x) = log e (x) So the natural logarithm of e is the base e logarithm of e: ln (e) = log e (e) ln (e) is the number we should raise e to get e.

Does LN mean log?

Techopedia explains Logarithm (LN) Logarithm is denoted as "logb (x) = r" or said as "the logarithm of x with respect to base b" or "the base-b logarithm of x," where b is the base, x is the value and r is the logarithmic value or the exponent.

What does LN mean?

ln stands for 'natural logarithm'. Explanation: If the term 'logarithm' means anything to you: On your calculator you find two buttons for them: The log button, where logs are calculated to the base 10, and ln that calculates logs to the base e.

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