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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "LN" mean in mathematics?

ln is the natural logarithm. It is log to the base of e. e is an irrational and transcendental number the first few digit of which are: 2.718281828459 In higher mathematics the natural logarithm is the log that is usually used. What is difference between ln and log?

What is ln equal to?

Ln is called the natural logarithm. It is also called the logarithm of the base e. Here, the constant e denotes a number that is a transcendental number and an irrational which is approximately equal to the value 2.71828182845. The natural logarithm (ln) can be represented as ln x or [log_{e}x]. Let’s go Through the Different Rules of L

How to use LN math?

you can use log function in MATLAB for natural ln function, it will calculate for natural ln function only. For example if you calculate for log (2) in scientific calculator it will give 0.3010 value. If you press ln (2) and it will give 0.6931 value. Similarly in MATLAB if you type Y=log (2), then it will give the value as 0.6931 only.

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