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Frequently Asked Questions

How deep are the seats in a power reclining sofa?

This reclining sofa is 88 inches long, and its seats are 22 inches deep. It has comfortable foam seat cushions, and when you want to kick up your feet, the two end seats have power reclining features. There’s even an integrated USB port that lets you charge your phone right from the couch—how’s that for convenience?

Which leisure recliner SOFA would look best in your space?

The Leisure Recliner Sofa would look great in a modern space, thanks to its clean lines, slim arms, and shelter-style back. Plus, it’s covered in a textured beige fabric that will make it pop in any space. The sofa is 84 inches long with an 18-inch seat depth, and it features two power recliners that take its comfort to the next level.

Are reclining sofa seats right for You?

Reclining sofas provide the best of both worlds, allowing you to sit normally or kick up your feet, and most of these sofas even offer multiple reclining seats, meaning your family members won’t have to fight over who gets the “good” spot.

What are the best sofa sizes for small spaces?

For a smaller space, the Georgia Reclining Loveseat is the perfect size. The two-seat sofa is just 61 inches wide, and there are more than 50 upholstery fabrics to choose from—whether you want something neutral, bold, or patterned, you’re sure to find an option that works in your home.

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