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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is livingliving DNA?

Living DNA, one of the top 5 global DNA testing firms, is a privately owned company focused on helping you enrich your life and know yourself better. Results are delivered with simplicity, backed by science and holding privacy at our core.

What is the difference between 23andMe and livingdna?

LivingDNA vs 23andMe. Both Living DNA and 23andMe bundle all three types of DNA tests into a single test. However, 23andMe goes into very little detail when it comes to your YDNA and mtDNA results. 23andMe does offer the unique feature of an optional health screening based on your DNA that no other company offers.

What is the Living DNA test and how does it work?

In particular, the Living DNA test can be especially useful for performing research in the British Isles. Most companies lump the British Isles together into one or two regions, but Living DNA breaks it down into 80 (in depth for UK) distinct regions. That means a whole lot less ground to cover during your search.

What is the difference between living DNA and FamilyTreeDNA?

FamilyTreeDNA offers a matching function where they’ll show you possible cousins who have also done a DNA test. Living DNA has not added this feature yet. See our complete FamilyTreeDNA review here.

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