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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take a living DNA swab?

How do I take a Living DNA swab? 1. Pop the lid off the swab 2. Rub and rotate the swab along the inside of your cheeks for the full 30-45 seconds. 3. Push the cap on until you hear a click 4. Place the swab in a sliver bag and seal 5. put the silver bag in the postage bag.

Who is livingliving DNA?

Living DNA, one of the top 5 global DNA testing firms, is a privately owned company focused on helping you enrich your life and know yourself better. Results are delivered with simplicity, backed by science and holding privacy at our core.

How does the Living DNA test work?

Using a simple mouth swab, your DNA is analysed on the unique Living DNA system that allows us to provide a range of advanced nutritional reports focused around your goals.

How do I open the swab?

How do I open the swab? To open, place the tube in the palm of your hand with the white cap pointing upwards and resting against your thumb. Then with that thumb, push on the side of the cap to break the seal attaching the cap to the clear swab tube.

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