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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a listing presentation?

A Listing Presentation is the information a real estate professional shares with a home seller during a listing appointment. During the listing appointment, the real estate agent will learn about the homeowner’s concerns, assess the condition of the home, and persuade the owner to hire the agent to sell their home.

Should I close at the end of my listing presentation?

A lot of agents have trouble "closing," or asking a seller to sign the listing agreement at the end of the appointment. It can feel uncomfortable to ask a seller to sign at the end of your listing presentation. You can make it feel more natural and easier to broach, however, by setting the close up from the beginning.

What are the Best PowerPoint slides for listing objections?

Here are the slides, tips, and objection handling scripts he recommends. 1. The Us vs. Them Slide This one slide template may look simple, but it is one of the most powerful slides you can include in your listing presentation.

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