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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the listed sisters on HGTV?

Get to Know the Listed Sisters. HGTV Magazine introduces you to HGTV's newest design and real estate duo, twin sisters Alana and Lex LeBlanc (a.k.a. the Listed Sisters), who help families move up the property ladder.

Who are Lex and Alana from listed sisters?

Lex and Alana LeBlanc are one of HGTV's newest power duos, renovating old homes while finding clients incredible new homes. But there's a lot you might not know about these talented (and totally entertaining!) women. Alana Barnett and Lex LeBlanc of Listed Sisters.

Should listed sisters be cancelled?

I would rather Listed Sisters be cancelled than report things that aren't true. It gives both the agent and HGTV a bad name. Not only are they deceiving the public, they are asking the participants on the show to do so as well. Shame on you, HGTV.

What do the listed sisters do?

The show that the sisters started starring on, Listed Sisters, is about the process of renovating a home in readiness for a potential sale. Their show focuses on giving home makeovers in order for the house to attract top prices when it hits the market. On the show, the sisters tackle the different aspects of the process, ...

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