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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Zelda fan art?

Being older than a fraction of her own fans, Zelda has been incorporated into a lot of pop culture. At any video game convention, you will find people cosplayed as her. Online, you will find fan fiction starring her. Lastly, you can buy and find a ton of fan art of her various forms and alter egos. Here are ten pieces of Zelda fan art we loved.

Who is link in Legend of Zelda?

Link is the main protagonist within the Legend of Zelda franchise which is why gamers everywhere have formed a passion for this character. The games each contain a different reincarnation of this character that varies with each new release in this series.

Is the Legend of Zelda good for art?

There is something magical about The Legend of Zelda. The very setting of these games is perfect for the creation of art. The lush forests, castle grounds, and expansive horizons could inspire even the most non-artsy person.

Does Zelda wear the outfit in breath of the wild?

He does fan art for other series such as Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Persona, and Mario. This Zelda and the outfit is from Breath of the Wild. She does not wear the outfit a lot, but it is seen in a flashback. Despite only being in a flashback, a lot of fans have cosplayed her in this outfit as well as made fan art of it.

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