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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lili Bernard?

Lili Bernard is a Cuban-born, Los Angeles-based visual artist and actor. She has exhibited her artwork in numerous galleries and institutions. Her work examines issues of trauma born of sexism and racism, past and present. As an actress and member of SAG/AFTRA, Lili guest-starred in the last season of The Cosby Show (1984)...

What are some of the best paintings by Lili Bernard?

Lili Bernard: Orishas Through Afro-Cuban American Eyes (solo show), stARTup Art Fair Los Angeles ... Carlota Leading the People (after Eugene Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People, 1830), 2011. Oil on Canvas, 60″x72″ By Lili Bernard

What inspired Lili Bernard’s work?

The generational struggle of her Afro-Cuban immigrant family and Caribbean ancestors, coupled with her personal experiences as a rape survivor, informs Bernard’s visual exploration of the impact of trauma and the unconquerable nature of the human spirit. Lili Bernard is a Cuban-born, Los Angeles-based visual artist and actor.

How does Lili Bernard reconfigure the art historical canon?

Through large-scale oil paintings, Lili Bernard reconfigures the art historical canon by turning classical European paintings into slave narratives in her series, Antebellum Appropriations. Bernard’s work exposes the post-colonial paradigm of suffering and resilience, through a collision of cruelty against compassion.

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